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I have a very ‘sweet tooth’. (This phrase simply means that you really like sweet food.) In fact, I love almost all unhealthy food. Salty food, sugary food, oily food – I can’t get enough of it. This is me eating a chocolate cake. I don’t often eat cake in Japan, because I know that if I get into the habit of buying cakes every week I’ll end up looking like a sumo wrestler. But when I’m back home in the UK I eat a lot of cake, because my mother is constantly baking. (She seems to think that ‘fattening up’ her children is one of her most important missions in life, even though we’re now all in our thirties.)
One of my favourite desserts in the UK is called ‘sticky toffee pudding’. It’s a sponge cake containing finely chopped dates and toffee. (Toffee is made from sugar and butter, and is quite similar to caramel.) It’s usually served hot with custard, cream, or ice cream. I’m an ice cream guy, but it’s delicious any way you have it. I’d always presumed that sticky toffee pudding had a really long history, but I was surprised to discover that it only seems to have become widely popular in the mid-twentieth century.
By the way, I should note that in the UK the word ‘pudding’ is used very differently to the word プリン’ in Japan. In Britain the word ‘pudding’ is often used to mean ‘dessert’. (When I was a child, for instance, during dinner – or ‘tea’, as we usually call it – I would often say ‘What’s for pudding today, mum?’) It also appears in the names of specific desserts. Some examples are ‘figgy pudding’, ‘bread and butter pudding’, and ‘Christmas pudding’, to name just a few. The word ‘pudding’ even appears in the names of some savoury dishes. One of my favourite meals back home is a kind a meat pie called ‘steak and kidney pudding’, which is often served with chips, peas, and gravy.
Anyway, you can usually order sticky toffee pudding at pubs that serve food during the day. If you have the chance to visit the UK, don’t forget to try it!

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